A Little Bit Country (2012)

Dylan is a teenager who harbours a dark secret. Whilst he may look like many other sulky teen, he hides another side to his personality away from the world. Much to the shame of his parents, Dylan likes Country Music…

Notes: Originally shot in 2010, a very short version was entered into the Virgin Media Shorts competition where it narrowly missed out on the final shortlist. The full length version was completed  in the summer of 2012.

Directed by Amy Coop

Written by Amy Coop & Andrew Yerlett

Produced by Cat Cooper & Amy Coop

An Elfin Productions film in association with Angelic Films.


Dylan – Richard Southgate

Dad – Tim McInnerny

Mum – Kazia Pelka


“That’s the genial genius of this little film from Amy Coop: treating a silly subject with deadpan drama, it becomes about so much more than it seems. Handsomely shot, A Little Bit Country effectively channels professional productions into this pristine passion project. Expertly spread across just seven minutes, it’s a film that understands perfectly how to play its cards, emphasising awkwardness to bait a final sweet reveal.

Coop has conceived a neat little narrative here that she brings to life with concise clarity. The brevity of the material, together with tongue-in-cheek nature of its humour and the eventually sweet outro, almost dismissively disengages with the underlying ideas, and that—in a sense—is part of the charm. A Little Bit Country is a delightfully simple story of acceptance, of coming to terms with the truth of the people you think you know, and loving them all the more for it. 74/100″– Ronan Doyle, NextProjection.com

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“The beauty of this short is that it is hilarious. The melodramatic reaction of his parents to his secret obsession is priceless. “It’s almost as bad as that, what do you call it, car keys in the bowl…” his father says. “What, swinging?” his mother responds, horrified. Playful, fun, and really well shot and acted. The writer/director Amy Coop has quite a few accolades already for this film, as well as for her other work, going by what she has up on her website, so I’d definitely be interested in seeing what else she does!” –Gesilayefa Azorbo, PhotoMusicOgraphy.

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“A very humourous and in your face metaphorical take on a typical ‘My-parents-found-out-that-I’m-gay-story’ that earns its short film classification, with a running time of just under 5 minutes. But then my love for country music didn’t last much longer either. Poignant and entertaining.” – Jan Scheider, EILE Magazine.

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Festivals / Screenings / Awards:

Leeds Young Film Festival – Short film Panorama 2013

Seattle Translations Film Festival – Official Selection 2013

Fuse Film Festival, Manchester – Official Selection 2013

Kansas City LGBT Film Festival – Official Selection 2013

FlipsideTV Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection 2013

GAZE Film Festival, Dublin – Official Selection 2013

WorldKids Film Festival, India – Official Selection 2013 

Birmingham SHOUT LGBT Film Festival, Alabama – Official Selection 2013

Fargo-Moorhead LGBT Film Festival – Official Selection 2013

Shropshire Rainbow LGBT Film Festival – Official Selection 2013

South Dakota International Film Festival – Official Selection 2013

Red Minies Short Film Festival, London – Official Selection 2013

Vibe:Shorts, London –  Screening Selection 2013

Village Film Festival, Essex – Screening Selection 2013

Film North, Huntsville International Film Festival, Canada – Official Selection 2013

Cinema Jam, London – Screening Selection 2013

FlashFrame, London – Screening Selection 2013

Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection

CineMe, Bristol – Screening Selection 2013

Tight Shorts, London – Screening Selection 2013

Reel Indie Film Festival, Toronto – Official Selection 2013

CinemaClub, Brooklyn – Screening Selection 2013

Re:Vault Film Den, London – Screening Selection 2013

Film Out San Diego – Official Selection 2014

Indie Boots Film Festival, Chicago – Official Selection 2014

Gender Odyssey Family Conference, Seattle – Screening Selection 2014

Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Australia – Official Selection 2015 – Australian Premiere

Queer as Film, London – Screening Selection 2015.

Ayr International Short Film Festival – Official Selection 2015.

Kaleidoscope LGBT Film Festival, Little Rock – Official Selection 2015

Key Crew:

DoP – Trevor Coop

Production Designer – Matt Foster

Make Up Designer – Sophie Liddiard

Costume Designer – Jo Wright

Editor – Amy Coop

Colourist – Gwyn Evans

Sound Editor – Arthur Graley